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The Starlight Chronicles Book 4
Secrets Of A Reckless Princess

Now Available from Siren Publishing


A future queen and the two males who desire her...

Luckily, Princess Jayla of Anasta doesn't have to choose. Damon Le Clerc is a political rebel who is exasperating, yet devastatingly attractive. Marc Kartel is an handsome ambassador with a diplomatic agenda that includes marriage.

Having two virile lovers who are so different is interesting, but as disaster for her planet looms, she finds that that is only to her advantage. Perhaps between the three of them they can save Anasta from a danger that is more elusive and deadly than it seems.

When she is taken hostage and the entire situation becomes explosive in a literal sense, both the passionate genius with a volatile personality and the cool negotiator are willing to risk their lives to save her...




The female moving toward him, her hips swaying in unconscious provocative enticement, her long hair shining in the artificial light, was just as unpredictable now as she had been when they were children. Of all the things Damon Le Clerc expected—a lecture, disapproval, a probably well-deserved scathing look from those spectacular green eyes, what he didn’t expect was an order to kiss her.

Not that he minded, but he was confused. “What?”

“Remember when a few days ago the surveillance system malfunctioned?” Willowy, with hair the color of a pale gold moon and perfect full breasts under the silken folds of her gown, Jayla kept her tone low. Her slim shoulders radiated tension. “It broadcast the view of one door into a janitorial area on every screen across the entire palace for several hours before they could fix it. The problem was pinpointed and taken care of. I bribed the technician who figured it out to do it again from this monitor.” She pointed to the corner of the room. “In about two seconds. Hurry.”

So if he kissed her, everyone who mattered would see it. The queen, her cabinet, his father, the guards…everyone who mattered.

…look like you mean it…

He’d been waiting for this opportunity his entire adult life. It wasn’t likely he’d let it pass by, especially with his future disintegrating like an unstable planet breaking apart. “What will this accomplish?” he asked, closing the distance between them and staring down into her face. “Your mother will be more angry than ever over yet another transgression. I—”

“Shut up and do it.” Jayla tilted her head back and caught his tunic, tugging him toward her. Eyes the color of pure Earth emeralds were luminous. “Damon…please.”

The hint of desperation in her voice gave him pause, but it was fleeting. She had the most beautiful mouth. He’d thought about it far too often for his peace of mind, dreamt about it during restless nights, and it was a tempting short space away.

He was fucked anyway, he reminded himself wryly, and though kissing the princess was not going to endear him to a government that currently wanted his blood, he wasn’t sure it was going to make his position all that worse either. Damon put one hand at Jayla’s slender waist, the other at her nape, and lowered his head to follow royal orders, which was not something he was in the habit of doing lately.

But damn if he didn’t want this kiss more than his freedom.

It took him about three long heartbeats to realize she’d never been kissed before. Actually, he wasn’t surprised. She was guarded pretty much everywhere she went and there was definite protocol over approaching the princess. Jayla stiffened when he traced the line of her closed lips with his tongue, and he could feel her shock when he got his way and began to explore her mouth.

She tasted sweet, like innocence and perfect seductive female.

He forgot about the monitor.

He forgot about everything.

Damon kissed her. And kissed her. Kept her close, warm against him, his arm wrapped around the small of her back, her body imprisoned in his embrace. Her breasts, warm and pliant, pressed against his chest and he tangled his fingers in her hair.

It was a convincing performance he was sure, because it certainly had an effect on him. He could feel the surge of arousal, his cock stiffened, and when Jayla’s fingers tightened on his biceps, he could tell she felt it too, pressed as she was so intimately against him.

“Do what you do best, something outrageous,” she whispered in a low hiss when he broke the kiss to take a long breath. “Something so they would never think we know the monitors are showing us. If anyone guesses we planned this, it won’t work.”

What was going to work was the charges were going to be upped from treasonous activity to whatever else they could throw at him because the queen protected her daughter with fierce security, and last he knew, there were negotiations going on for a marriage with the son of the governor of Minoa, the most powerful colony in the Interstellar Federation.

Outrageous? He still wasn’t sure what this display was going to accomplish, but he was hardly going to pass up a chance to play out one of his very vivid fantasies. He kissed her again, gratified when she participated with flattering enthusiasm, her tongue shyly brushing into his mouth. He slid one hand upward and, in a deft movement, caught the strap of her gown and pulled just enough.

When her bared breast filled his palm, he felt her stiffen in his embrace and he swallowed her gasp of protest.

She’d asked for outrageous, hadn’t she? Though he was pretty sure she hadn’t meant being exposed before the entire palace. Worth it, his brain whispered, so worth it. Even if I rot in this cell forever…

The supple warm weight in his hand was everything he’d ever imagined—and he had, many, many times. Full, firm yet yielding, with a soft pink nipple that tightened as he stroked it so he knew she wasn’t immune either…

The door swooshed open, shattering the moment. Jayla gave a convincing cry of dismay and pulled away, jerking her gown back up to cover that luscious perfect breast. The red spots high on her delicate cheekbones weren’t feigned as she whirled to face the doorway. She wasn’t alone in being exposed, Damon thought with ironic humor, for the loose-fitting, lightweight pants they’d issued him when he was imprisoned didn’t do much to hide his erection.

He sure as hell hoped Jayla’s plan, whatever it might be, worked. Not only did he have an aching hard-on now with no promise of sexual relief on his horizon, but half the planet knew it.



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