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The Starlight Chronicles Book 2
The Covenant

Now Available from Siren Publishing


One compromised planet, a tainted rescue mission, and a beautiful female in peril…

Lieutenant Aspen Thorne has no choice. She's in quarantine and the rules are clear. The males locked in with her need sexual relief and they have nowhere else to turn. On Rapt One, the situation is volatile and while she reconciles the new relationship with her colleagues, a diabolical covenant struggles to take over. Luckily, they have the famous engineer Larik Armada in their midst and he systematically uncovers a plot that chills them all.

The other male in with her is a virile young pilot, Trey York, and with his military expertise and Armada's insight, maybe they can escape before the situation takes explosive to a whole new level.

Or will The Covenant triumph?

The Starlight Chronicles Volume 1
Pale Stars In Her Eyes & The Covenant


Now Available from Siren Publishing




I first fell in love with Larik reading the Starlight Chronicles book, Pale Stars In Her Eyes. I already know him to be considerate and gentle but capable of ruthless cunning when necessary. Trey York may be an egotistical flyboy, but he is as determined as Larik to ensure Aspen enjoys sacrificing her virginity for their needs. Most of the story takes place in their isolation unit with lots and lots of well written, very exciting sex and still manages to be not only fresh and arousing, but filled with suspense and intrigue. The Covenant is an enthralling action adventure with a touching albeit unusual love story and includes a cunning terrorist threat twenty-five years in the making as well as the best sex I’ve read in some time. The futuristic saga stands alone and in my opinion stands out as one of the better stories I’ve read this year. I was thoroughly and delightfully entertained.

Karen Haas
Just Erotic Romance Reviews


With effort, she leaned back, breathing erratically. Unfortunately, Trey knew exactly how he affected her from the faint, attractive smile on his talented mouth.

His hands caressed her waist. “Since you haven’t done this before, let me start by telling you naked is better. Lift your arms.”

The request, given in a low sexy tone, was accompanied by a tug that pulled the less than adequate shirt she wore upward. Aspen let York pull it over her head, trying to fight the embarrassment she felt over being both half-naked in front of them and that her breasts felt tight and full. Her nipples actually tingled.

Warm hands cupped her flesh, lifting, weighing. “Very nice, Lieutenant.” Trey’s gaze was heavy as he fondled her, rubbing her nipples with palms, cradling her breasts with reverent care. “These are some spectacular tits.”

“I’m glad you approve.” The sarcasm in her tone was offset by a breathless gasp as he rubbed a thumb over one taut crest. Sensation streaked down to center between her legs and she wasn’t prepared for the pleasurable rush of moisture. His long fingers looked dark against her paler skin.

“I think she likes that.” Larik Armada spoke in his usual amused drawl. He’d set aside his drink and she felt him move up behind her. Warm lips grazed her nape as he lifted her heavy hair and nuzzled the back of her neck. “Let’s get the rest off.”

By the stars, there were two of them, one of her, and they both dwarfed her in size. Feeling outnumbered and out of her depth, Aspen was a little weak in the knees. York pulled loose the drawstring tie on the lightweight pants provided and eased the material down past her hips. It pooled on the floor and her whole body felt flushed as they both stared at her.

“Oh, hell yes.” Trey York raked her bared body with a scorching glance. His crystalline eyes glittered. “That’s pretty much what I’ve been imagining.”

“We both have, let’s face it. Let’s move to the bed.” Armada lifted her with what seemed like effortless ease, carried her into the sleeping chamber, and deposited her on the cool linens of the bed provided for just what they wanted from her. He leaned over, one arm braced on either side of her body, and his mouth brushed hers, lifted and then settled back in a long, leisurely kiss. Vaguely she was aware Trey took off his clothes, but her whole world seemed to be the seductive pressure of Larik’s mouth and the light, teasing sweep of his tongue.

At twenty-five, even if she hadn’t been to bed with any of the dozens of men who tried to get her there, she’d been kissed often enough. Before now, she hadn’t really thought much of the process. These two seemed have a special talent or a hell of a lot of practice. Maybe both. There was no doubt she was beginning to feel strangely unafraid of what was going to happen, a languid sense of enjoyment replacing her trepidation.

She felt pressure on her thighs, easing them apart. Trey’s palms were gentle but insistent. “Spread open, Lieutenant. I promise you’re really going to melt down over this. I’ve yet to meet a female who doesn’t.”

She was innocent physically, but not uneducated. Men and women pleasured each other orally, but she had no idea of the exact sensation. Larik continued to kiss her, exploring her mouth, and one of his long-fingered hands stroked her bared breast, playing with the erect nipple. But at her jerk of reaction over the first warm lick across her labia, he chuckled and broke away.

His sapphire eyes held both fire and the usual teasing glint. “I don’t want to distract you. Just enjoy. If you’ve never climaxed, I’m glad I’m going to get to see your first time. Relax and let it happen.”

Trey’s dark head nestled between her open legs, his mouth grazing her pussy. Aspen wasn’t sure if it shocked or aroused her. Both probably. His long fingers parted her folds and he made a low sound in his throat as he laved the sensitive exposed tissue.

She thought for a moment she would go through the ceiling as he found a spot that made sweat prickle out over her skin.

It felt…incredible.

“Now this is one sweet pink little clit.” He opened her further and she could feel the coolness of the air on that vulnerable bundle of nerves. With a light exhale, he blew across it.

Aspen fought an undignified moan. When he began to tease her clitoris with the tip of his tongue, the sound escaped anyway. Pleasure washed over in warm waves, like the thermal heated seas of Minoa, lapping, enveloping, consuming.

She spread her legs wider and arched her back, panting as her whole body quivered. Trey continued the erotic assault, first licking until the room seemed to spin, and then moving downward to spear his tongue into her opening, invading her pussy with sexy, hot strokes before moving upward again to circle her clit.

Something incredible happened. She could feel it in her breasts, in the tense coil in her stomach, and in the pulsing need between her legs. Two strong hands cupped her ass and lifted her hips and he pressed his mouth fully against her and suckled.

Her world tore apart. The savage pleasure shot her into space and she shut her eyes at the power of it, her body shaking uncontrollably as something snapped and broke and she let out a primal, unrestrained scream of enjoyment. The contractions in her vagina rippled over and over and she fought for breath, the exquisite sensation so acute she could not believe it.

A few moments later, limp and disbelieving at her uninhibited reaction, she felt Trey kiss her inner thigh. There was just the slightest smug note to his tone when he said, “I promised you would like it, Lieutenant.”

How mortifying to know that not only was he right, but she’d had quite an audience for her abandoned reaction to her climax. With reluctance, she lifted her lashes.

* * * *

Larik wasn’t sure what was more arousing, the sight of one of the most beautiful females he’d ever seen sprawled on the bed, legs still apart, her slim thighs streaked with moisture from her sexual fluids, or the almost dazed look on her flushed face in the aftermath of her first orgasmic experience. Any doubts he had over her acquiescence to their needs were banished by what he had just seen of her passionate side. He’d suspected it existed all along.. Outwardly she might seem like a cool female, but obviously she guarded that facet under the guise of an aloof, business-like professional.

Yes, the military officer was part of her, but the woman was in there also, all wrapped up in one of the most delectable packages he’d ever seen.

Long supple limbs, alabaster flawless skin, and all that long raven hair, right now spilled over the pale bed in a glossy pool. York was right, her breasts were spectacular, full, high and firm, the flesh quivering as she still fought for each convulsive breath, tipped by dusky rose nipples he couldn’t wait to taste.

As if choreographed, he and Trey both climbed on the bed at the same time, one on each side. Larik reached out and touched her cheek, meeting her eyes, immersing himself in the unusual violet depths. “I want to be your first,” he said in a low voice, hearing the huskiness he couldn’t control with inner rueful amusement. “Trey gave you your first orgasm. Let me be the first male to mate with you.”

He’d removed his clothing and she seemed to focus finally, her eyes widening as she took in the long length of his erect cock. “I’m half-human.”

A chuckle came up from his chest, he couldn’t help it. “I know. That’ll make it even better for both of us. I’m sure you know that S-species males and human females enjoy each other in a unique way. Our larger size enhances it for you, and your tightness makes it even better for us.”

“I don’t like being submissive to S-species simply because I’m half-bred.” She sat up, shaking back her tangled, gleaming hair.

That he’d already guessed. “No one expects you to be. I think you have a mistaken perception of sexual intercourse, Lieutenant. This is not something we do to you, but something we can enjoy together.”

York caught her shoulders and eased her back down. “He’s right. As you discover what you like, let us know. We’ll be more than happy to oblige. If there is something you don’t like, tell us that too. Not all females are the same by any means.”

Larik eased over so he lay on top of her, guessing the most traditional position the best place to start. She didn’t resist as he used his knees to push her legs apart, but he did catch the flash of understandable apprehension in her lovely face. For reassurance, and because he liked her silky taste, he kissed her again, the pressure of his mouth on hers slow and deliberate, his tongue sliding in and out in a mimicry of what was about to happen. He stroked her hip and then slipped his hand between her open thighs, exploring her wet pussy, her recent orgasm leaving her soft, pliant, and slick.

In other words, ready.

Praise the stars and the moons, for he was heavy and aching, his balls so full he worried he might ejaculate the minute he got inside her. When he brushed her swollen clit she made a low soft sound he found immensely sexy, especially since he knew she wished to keep control of her reaction.

With one finger, he penetrated her, and ascertained she spoke the truth if he couldn’t tell already from her reaction to each touch, each kiss. The heated tightness of her passage still had her barrier, the membrane of her hymen unbroken.

He whispered against her lips, “I will be as gentle as I can, Aspen.”


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