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Pirates of London Book 3
The Devil's Lagoon

Beau Fallon, Lord Auberville, has decided to flee England. It is much easier than facing his ever-growing fascination with the beautiful Lady Hannah. He isn’t interested in marriage—far from it—and she is a very eligible young woman. Instead he has decided to pursue the legend of the Devil’s Lagoon, a place so deadly none have ever returned…

Stowing away on Lord Auberville’s ship is the most audacious thing she’s ever done, but Hannah is determined to find out once and for all how he feels about her. Can she seduce him and break that cool exterior? An innocent, she has no idea, but she has always craved adventure and tropical seas and a handsome lord might just fulfill her romantic dreams…

One independent aristocratic lady and an enigmatic spy travel south together into an erotic journey of both love and danger.

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Pirates of London Book 2
Between A Rake And A Hard Place

Kidnapped and locked in a harem, Lady Cassandra is bewildered by the turn of events in her formerly ordered life, and even more so when a stranger appears and manages a daring rescue from her sexual imprisonment. Back on her way to England, she has no idea what to make of the enigmatic Mr. Ives, but she does know one thing….he is the most fascinating man she has ever encountered.
Christopher Ives walks the line between two worlds. Of aristocratic birth, he still has made his own way by both necessity and inclination. Yes, his occupation involves danger, but bedding the daughter of a powerful man is pushing the edge of even his recklessness. Yet the earl’s daughter is too ravishing to resist…

A rakish buccaneer and a headstrong beauty battle an attraction that might just ruin them both…

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Pirates of London Book 1
Satan's Slave

A man with a wicked secret might do anything to get what he wants...

She's desirable, charming, and her spirited personality draws him like a moth to flame. She's also aristocratic and the toast of London, and her father disdains his suit. It seems Charles Somerset has fallen in love for the first time in his life, but with an unattainable woman...Or is she?

When Lady Caroline Kendrick is taken hostage by the infamous Satan, she is at first shocked, and then furious, to find out the notorious pirate is none other than the polished courtier who wooed her back in England. How dare he fool her--and all the rest of polite society--into thinking he is nothing but a handsome rake, when in truth he is living a double life. She's outraged by her status as his captive, and perhaps a bit intrigued over just what he intends to do with her...

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The Starlight Chronicles Book 4
Secrets Of A Reckless Princess

A future queen and the two males who desire her...

Luckily, Princess Jayla of Anasta doesn't have to choose. Damon Le Clerc is a political rebel who is exasperating, yet devastatingly attractive. Marc Kartel is an handsome ambassador with a diplomatic agenda that includes marriage.

Having two virile lovers who are so different is interesting, but as disaster for her planet looms, she finds that that is only to her advantage. Perhaps between the three of them they can save Anasta from a danger that is more elusive and deadly than it seems.

When she is taken hostage and the entire situation becomes explosive in a literal sense, both the passionate genius with a volatile personality and the cool negotiator are willing to risk their lives to save her...

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The Starlight Chronicles 3
Under His Command

Peyton Valmont is a top-ranked pilot, but she's also insubordinate, broke dozens of rules, stole military property...and she has to be punished. Commander Kel Gallico and Colonel Jake Naiad might privately think the daring lieutenant is gorgeous, but that is beside the point. Duty is duty.

Kel is known as one of the most strict ship captains in the entire federation. He's worked hard for that recognition, and just because he has a secret weakness for one luscious, willful pilot does not mean he is willing to cash in his career. Until he is sent to enact a rescue gone wrong on a planet where danger takes on a whole new meaning and having a rogue pilot who breaks the rules without thought is a decided advantage.

Two powerful males, the one woman who dares to challenge their authority, and a dangerous situation where the rules might just be suspended, makes everyone wonder who is Under His Command...

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The Starlight Chronicles Volume 1
Pale Stars In Her Eyes & The Covenant


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The Starlight Chronicles Book 2
The Covenant

One compromised planet, a tainted rescue mission, and a beautiful female in peril…

Lieutenant Aspen Thorne has no choice. She's in quarantine and the rules are clear. The males locked in with her need sexual relief and they have nowhere else to turn. On Rapt One, the situation is volatile and while she reconciles the new relationship with her colleagues, a diabolical covenant struggles to take over. Luckily, they have the famous engineer Larik Armada in their midst and he systematically uncovers a plot that chills them all.

The other male in with her is a virile young pilot, Trey York, and with his military expertise and Armada's insight, maybe they can escape before the situation takes explosive to a whole new level.

Or will The Covenant triumph?

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The Starlight Chronicles Book 1
Pale Stars In Her Eyes

Jerra has been abducted, indoctrinated, and sentenced to a life of sexual servitude. It doesn't matter that she had a satisfying life on earth, the superior species evolved from her own planet has other plans for her. When she discovers she is the female who must service the three most important males on a ship bound on an important mission, she is both intimidated and rebellious.

Ran Kartel is a diplomat and he knows this expedition is the most dangerous he has ever undertaken. Never does he consider that a human female—inferior in every way—would stir not only his predictable lust but also his heart. Yes, his body must be sated, but he never expected his emotions to be so engaged.

Three males, one human female, and a very combustible situation that explodes under the pale stars...

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